bazaar mantra

Future digital marketing based on AI…with creative ideas and technology that changed the way of thinking with different angle of view. Upgraded version of technology improving the way of work that enhanced the human thinking and implementing. Now a days human is depending much more on upgraded version of machines in spite of utilizing them.

Now its time to utilize them as much as possible in the way of future digital marketing. It’s innovated platform to learn and earn with the future ideas with minimum investment and gain much more….

15 thoughts on “bazaar mantra

  1. How to purchase shares?
    Kindly update me , is possible to purchase before 1st january 2024

    1. It is based on shares fluctuation,
      you can purchase shares from 1st January 2024 mid night.
      !!!! Go to purchase option, scan QR code, purchase 1 share for 99 rupees, fill details and attach your receipt and press the submit button.

    1. just scan QR code, purchase shares how many you want, fill details and attach your receipt.
      in 24hrs your details will be updated on site, for checking your status kindly press the aadhaar button and search by filling your aadhaar number.

    1. You can get benefit by purchasing either single or multiple shares, only 100 applicant will show in top 100 list once chosen.

      business plan is in terms of Referral PB, for an example if u have 20 referral PB in your wallet, then 10% of current share multiplied by 20 will be credited in your bank account on your request.

    1. we are not paying any amount for making this website on prioritize by search engine optimization, because our budget for advertisement cost will be distributed to them who is purchasing share.
      thank you

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